Saturday, August 15, 2009

Krank Golf's new RAGE driver

Krank Golf drivers were used by the winners of the Remax World Long Drive Championships for the past 2 years in a row (Grand Champion Division).

The company has released a new model, the Krank Golf Rage Driver, which conforms to USGA and R&A standards and is now the premier driver in the Sport of Long Drive.

Krank Golf positions itself as just a driver company. It does not make irons.

“For us to reach our goal of becoming the No. 1 Golf Driver Company in the world, we have to continue to produce drivers that exceed the performance of all the major manufacturers," said Lance Reader, president of Krank Golf. "Because of our commitment to the Sport of Long Drive, we must manufacturer drivers that hold up the highest scrutiny of any drivers in the world. Ball Speed, Spin Rate and Durability is the holy grail of the perfect driver. The New Krank Golf Rage Driver has all three elements."

Reader said those are:

-- Ball Speed. "We have extensive testing results on numerous driver heads at different swing speeds," Reader said. "The Rage Driver is at the top of the list without question. Our new Rage Driver is the only driver ever to exceed the record balls speed records set by our El Diablo Driver. Sure you might say we are biased by doing our own testing. Not true, all our data is immediately exposed to all the World Class Long Drivers doing the testing. What we do is expose the truth of some very expensive drivers that fall very, very short of the Krank Standard."

-- Spin Rate. "Spin is a very difficult element to test, because the shaft and the person swinging the driver have so much to do with spin rate," Reader said. "Our main testing is with House of Forged, LT and Ultra shafts, the best shafts in Long Drive. As well as, our Fujikura Diesel and Diesel Tour shafts, the best shafts in Golf. Our results across the board are slightly lower spin rate than the El Diablo which has a very low spin profile to start with. We know the importance of spin. The Rage driver is developed to reduce spin and it does."

-- Durability. "For those who are concerned about durability, let me make it very clear," Reader said. "To create a driver that holds up to 140 plus mile-per-hour swing speeds is a very, very difficult thing to do. The average golfer swings around 90 to 95 MPH. The Rage driver holds up to swing speeds in excess of 150 MPH. I think we have covered everyone else.
The Krank Golf Rage Driver is everything we hoped it would be. We believe golf starts from the Tee Box. Why not play from more fairways and closer to the greens. It makes putting for dough a lot more likely.”

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Shooter Vegas said...

How about a review from someone who has actually used it? The company propaganda isn't enough.....

Anonymous said...

I purchased the driver thru the Internet a week ago and must say I am one happy camper.
Took some time getting used to it on the driving rage, especially the thunderous noise on impact and the fact that it had a longer shaft than my previous driver.

Then I took it to the course. I had to wait a time for a couple in front of me, and when I thought it was safe to tee off, you know when you think "never gonna get close to them on that distance", I took my shot.

And it landed almost on their heads, at 300 yards, never hit it that long. I had to excuse myself profusely, off course.

Later that day, I tried to hit it even longer than that, started murdering the ball, and the driver didn't respond well to that. Didn't fix my slight slice either too. So it isn't a miracle stick. But it will definitely help lower my handicap. And being that long off the tee, everybody seems happy to let me through, not a bad feeling....

Bert, Holland

Anonymous said...

I ordered the Rage on line and asked for the standard diesel shaft- firm and asked to put a midsize grip on. If no midsize, I asked for additional raps 3-4 to build the grip up. I asked for the driver at 45.5". When I got the club, it had a tour shaft on it, standard grip and club measured 46"........I called them and they stated they ran out of the standard firm shaft so they put on the tour. I told them I would change the grip and/ or cut it to a 45.5"....The tour has a torque of 2.5 degrees vs standard 3.2 degrees. Kranks golf analysis on line said I should receive the standard. ONCE you use the club, Krank will not let you return the club. I'm going to hit the tour shaft and if it's too much for my swing, I'm calling them back to switch the shafts for free...............????

Vince said...

Above poster, that is correct, if its too much for you, just send it back and we will replace for free. Whats wrong with that, worked for over 7 years and seems to be doing well! Thanks Vince at Krank Golf

Anonymous said...

In a nut shell: The Rage Delivers Exactly What It Promises. I shaved off 4 shots in a month! No need to say more. Enjoy the game!

golfshop said...

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Anonymous said...

just purchased 1 the past month and can say i have truly truly hit my longest drives to date, ball speed is fantastic, spin rates were in fact tooo low for me... so i called and talked to a rep he said try it out few more weeks and if you are not satified return and get another 1.. feel is like hitting a blade on the screws, even on the heel or toe areas of the driver its soooo forgiving